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About KatlegoFM

We are a radio station that is aiming to spread the word to every individual in SA and worldwide. We are the mouth piece of the silent voice.  

We are presenting a variety of programs and opened platforms to engage on topics that are vital to the communities we serve.

Preaching the word of God is our main purpose , bringing hope to the hopeless.


We render support programs to the youth that aspire to be future presenters. 

Psychosocial support and Counselling 

We invite relevant professionals to offer psychosocial and counselling support to those who sent requests.

Spiritual Programmes 

We host spiritual programmes that include: 

Preaching the word of God

We preach the word of God in and out of season , the founder of the radio is a preacher of the word and we also invite other preachers to share the word of God on our radio station.

Words of encouragement 

We invite pastors to send their words of encouragement and we play them on radio or we call them to share the words of encouragement to the listeners.

Education Programmes 

We invite teachers, curriculum experties to share their knowledge on different subject contents.

Talk Shows

We host pastors, professionals , musicians etc. on our talk shows to discuss topics that are relevant to the current day to day activities.


We share news from all over the world to update our listeners with the current news for both economic, sports, political , weather and announcements.

Music shows

We play music and invite artist and upcoming artists to share their music and we play them on radio in order to promote the known and unknown musicians.. 

Generally, we are a radio station  that seeks to be the world's most voice to success.

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