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Unpacking True Love on Saturdays Worship Moments on Sundays
Unpacking True Love on Saturdays Worship Moments on Sundays
Sunday worship moments

For God is spirit so those who worship Him must worship in Spirit and in Truth John 4:24 That’s what the Sunday Worship moment is all about. True worship, praise, the word of the Lord, conversations about the Kingdom of the Lord, encouraging and inspiring quotes. We build each other up. We feature your favourite Music Ministers. 

Join Thandeka on the Sunday  Worship Moment, Sundays 7am to 8am. Tune in for a hour of true worship and be blessed!
Beauty for ashes
Beauty For Ashes address issues affecting the marginalized in the society. The show interrogates people's painful experiences and bring healing from the Word of God and inspiration by those who have overcome their ordeals. There are certain issues that we normally sweep under the carpet and thus causing excruciating pain to the bearer. 

Mondays - Wednesdays are dedicated to Widows /widowers and orphans.
Thursdays, we visit the world of parents who lost their children to death, human trafficking, drug and substance abuse and other social ills.
Fridays are for all who acknowledges that God is bigger than what or whom they might have lost.